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No sugar

Because it's our responsability to help your health right now.

Live cultures

A healthy gut ensures that you never overeat and helps keep your energy levels high.

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Original - 12 bottles of 330ml


Lemon - 12 bottles of 330ml


Orange Ginger - 12 bottles of 330ml


Raspberry - 12 bottles of 330ml


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Some common questions
were often asked

What is Kvas?

Our original Kvas is a sparkling, sour beverage with a crisp rye bread flavour and golden-brown colour.

Ranked as one of the world's best drinks, Kvas is an amazing thirst-quenching and refreshing drink.

Is Kvas a beer?

No. Even if Kvas is at the origin of the beer brewing recipe, it cannot be considered as beer because it doesn't contain hops.

Is Kvas a soda?

No. Kvas is a naturally fermented beverage, like kefir or kombucha. Final product doesn't contain sugar.

Is Kvas a Kombucha?

Kvas can be considered as a Kombucha because it's a fermented drink, but Kombucha is a fermentation of tea while Kvas is a fermentation of barley and rye.

Also unlike kombucha, which needs oxygen during fermentation (aerobic), kvas is made without oxygen (anaerobic fermentation), which means its bacterial cultures stay healthy and viable in a sealed bottle.

Where to buy your products?

On good restaurants, gourmet grocery stores and here, online.

Does it contain alcohol?

Yes, as much as in a ripe banana.

That's why our drinks of the 'original' range are classified, according to the European legislation, in the category of non-alcoholic drinks.

Is the carbonation natural?

Yes. It's naturally produced by the yeast during fermentation (unlike most drinks on the market, where it is artificially introduced -forced carbonation- on bottling)

Is your Kvas pasteurised?

No. In order to guarantee the nutritional benefits of our drinks, our beverages are fermented (to keep live cultures) instead of pasteurised (kills all good live cultures)

Why are you using amber glass bottles?

To protect beverage from UV light

Is Kvas VEGAN?

Yes. Our Kvas is purely made from plant-based ingredients.

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